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Navigation dans les plus beaux glaciers maritimes d'Alaska

Alaska Cruise: Discover our Tours

Alaska is the ultimate destination for adventurous tourists. The few who might disagree with this statement are those who used the “wrong” means to tour the vast state. In size, Alaska is larger than Montana, California and Texas combined and as wide as the Lower 48. By bus, a trip around the main attractions would be tedious and you will miss some great experiences such as the larger-than-life glaciers. The best way to explore this gold mine of sceneries is on a sailboat such as Amarok.

The Best Attractions in Alaska

Below are some major attractions that a cruise to Alaska will allow you:

The Inside Passage

You have not visited Alaska if you know nothing about this “highway” stretching from Puget Sound, through the British Colombian coast and into the Gulf of Alaska. The passage is dotted with immense ice cliffs along the coastline and more than 150 glaciers. The bay along the passage offers an array of wildlife such as Sitka deer, black bears and grizzly bears, and birds ranging from the Royal Eagle to the tiny Rufus Hummingbird. Cruising among humpback and killer whales, sea lions and other sea creatures will give you a thrill you are unlikely to experience when touring by other means.

Touring the Aleutian Islands

An Alaskan tour onboard the Amarok will allow you a breathtaking view of the Aleutian Islands. These Islands form an elongated archipelago which marks the boundary between the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It, therefore, forms a natural bridge between Alaska and the Russian Kamchatka. The rich fauna of the Aleutian Mountains facilitates a huge variety of sea life including orcs, whales, and seabirds.

Crossing the Gulf of Alaska

Alaska travels by boat from the Glacier Bay to Prince William Sound will enable you to observe the Alaskan natural environment and wildlife comprising of cetaceans, grizzly bears, sea birds and many more. Navigating the Glacier Bay National Park in the Amarok gives you an exceptional view of Alaskan glaciers which tower high above the largest cruisers. Other great experiences that Alaska tours will allow you include exploring Prince William Sound, visiting Queen Charlotte Island in Canada, and a chance to ski in the Prince William Sound Glaciers. Make a booking now and enjoy a personalised tour of Alaska in the Amarok, an exceptional vessel designed for adventurous explorers.