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Cruise in Canada: A Trip to the Far North

On a Canadian cruising expedition, you will be taken through routes set by legendary explorers deep into the icebound realms of the arctic. Besides breathtaking scenery and wildlife, the Far North also harbours a rich Inuit culture. Onboard a cruiser such as Amarok, Inuit for “The Celestial Vault”, you will be taken close to some of the most amazing attractions the arctic has to offer. Below are some of the highlights when cruising Canada aboard Amarok:  

The Northwest Passage

This famed sea route ventures from the Atlantic Ocean through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago; a group of sparsely populated islands. Maneuver through the islands of Southern Alaska will give you the same thrill Roald Amundsen felt in 1906 when he became the first explorer to successfully navigate the treacherous conditions of the passage. The search for this particular sea route had been ongoing since the second century A.D. and claimed the lives of hundreds of sailors.  

An Eye Out for Arctic Wildlife

Here you will incredible sceneries comprised of fjords, mountains, pack ice and glaciers which make up the arctic wilderness. The wilderness is also a habitat to interesting and rare wildlife including walrus, muskox, bears, sea lions and beluga whales. The arctic summer and spring facilitates the blooming of planktons which in turn leads to the thriving of crustaceans and fish in the waters. This has made the high cliffs in the arctic home to hundreds of thousands of bird species. Fishing and photography enthusiasts will be right in paradise on board the Amarok when sailing Alaska.  

Experience Alaska’s Ice fjords

On this cruise to the Far North, sailing to Alaska’s famed ice fjords will allow you to experience nature in all its magnificence. The ice structures tower high above the largest cruisers and navigating them gives you the sense of being very tiny. This is especially sensational amid discussions about how rapidly the Arctic is warming up. Make your booking now and join an experienced Captain on a Cruise to the far north where adventure awaits.