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Débacle dans la péninsule de Kenai

Enjoy a Cruise on a Dream Sailboat

We have all heard tales of people ditching their regular lives for a life on the road, free of societal obligations and boring routines. The current fast-paced economy demands that most of an individual’s waking hours are spent either chasing a livelihood, attending to family obligations, and whatever time left is spent on a vision of a satisfying life. After months or years of the same routines, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and in need of an escape. What better place is there to get away from it all than the open sea? At an affordable fee, you can book yourself more 10 days of cruising on a dream sailboat such as Amarok for you and your loved ones. Life at sea is an ideal escape guaranteed to relax the most exhausted of minds, providing the much-needed revitalisation before resuming daily routines.

Life on the Amarok Dreamboat

Amarok - translating to “The Celestial Vault” in Inuit - is a 16-meter long aluminium schooner with an on-board living capacity of ten people. This number is however limited to six passengers and two crew members for maximum comfort. Therefore, a small family can comfortably have a personalised cruising experience for days without feeling crowded as is normally the case in larger ships. With the help of the Captain, the sailboat cruises allow you to enjoy the thrill of sailing adventures while still maintaining the same – or even higher – levels of luxury as you would at home. The boat has a sleeping capacity of eight single berths, and one double cabin, all in 3 cabins and a corridor. A hot shower and a separate water closet are in place to keep you groomed throughout your voyage. The boat has a raised saloon that allows a panoramic view of the ocean during the cruise where you can relax and enjoy meals together with your friends or family. The large open cockpit of the sailboat enables you to observe the Captain in action, observe the sea and also indulge in fishing. The Captain could also let you have a spin at the wheel under his guidance. You can also retreat to the library where there are a variety of great reads you can indulge in. Expeditions with Amarok are organised with an eco-conscious attitude and great respect for the environment. They feature ten-day courses navigating Prince William Sound, the Alaskan Inside Passage, Crossing the Gulf of Alaska, in Canada, and the Aleutian Islands. Whether you aim to clear your mind or just want a thrilling experience with your loved ones, sailing cruises are a worth-while and fun means to get away and have the time of your lives. If you wish to make inquiries or bookings, feel free to contact us and you will be promptly assisted by passionate staff.