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Aiguilles très effilées d'un glacier de Prince William Sound

Travel to the Arctic: Enjoy a Polar Expedition

With an array of travel options currently available to tourists, the arctic has never been more accessible. Due to the limited human access to these regions, their numerous attractions have been preserved in an almost virgin state, giving each new adventurer an unmatched experience. Of all the means of travel available, sailing the arctic is the best as it provides close contact with the attractions. It is also an eco-friendly method that helps in maintaining the purity of The Great White North.

Unmatched Attractions in the Arctic

Here are some attractions that make arctic sailing an unmatched holiday experience for you and your loved ones:

The Wilderness

Sailing the fjords of Alaska allows a breathtaking view of beautiful scenery that you probably wouldn’t find elsewhere. Exploration, hiking, spending time with the local Inuit people and observing nature from the boat are also therapeutic experiences you can indulge in.

Under the Midnight Sun

Yes! A land where the sun persists for 24 hours straight. In the winter, the Arctic may experience some days without sunlight but then during summer nights, the sun does not set on some days. This gives the sailing party extended time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and spot wildlife; which are drawn to the midnight sun as it offers great breeding grounds.

An Amazing Array of Wildlife

While it may not seem like it, the Arctic offers excellent conditions for a variety of animal, bird, and fish species. Bears, foxes, seals, whales, walruses and different birds migrate to the summer where the availability of food and long hours of sunshine provide excellent breeding grounds. Aleutian Islands located in the remote regions of the country offers a wide range of bird species including the rare Black Guillemots, Arctic Terns, and Puffins which are a dream for nature photographers, wildlife enthusiasts and adventures.

Enjoy Life in the Open Sea

Besides the numerous attractions a polar expedition will allow you, living on the Amarok boat will be a wholesome experience in itself. With comfortable sleeping and grooming quarters, access to fishing and other hiking opportunities and of course, you will be under the care of an experienced sailor. Contact us now for bookings or inquiries.