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Splendeur d'une aurore boréale en Alaska

Seeing the Northern Lights: a Wonderful Show

There is no show that comes close to the one put on by the aurora borealis – the Northern Lights – when they dance in the arctic night sky. The spectacular display has numerous myths surrounding it from the earlier centuries; to the Vikings, the lights were a manifestation of Valkyries leading warriors who died in battle to join Odin’s army. Other communities such as Native Americans saw the lights as omens of war and developed superstitions to protect themselves. The phenomenon was later understood by scientists to occur when solar winds interact with particles in the earth’s atmosphere. From anywhere in the far Northern Arctic, the light can be observed in dark night skies.

Best Places from Which to View the Wonderful Show

While other factors such as weather conditions and time of the year determine the visibility of the aurora, location is a key factor. Below are some of the best places from which to watch the dance of the Northern Lights:


Fairbanks, Alaska falls in the auroral oval; a ring-shaped boundary around the North Pole from where the lights can be seen. From this area, the lights can be seen from August to May with a higher intensity between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. This is among the areas with the longest access to the lights in any given year. A trip to Fairbanks and areas such as Alaska will place you in some of the best positions from which you can enjoy the spectacular views. The Amarok offers the comfort of a home with a friendly Captain and an enthusiastic cook to ensure your days in the Far North are filled with unforgettable experiences.