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Découvrez ce que notre planète pouvait encore vous offrir de merveilleux !

Cruise in Alaska

Explore Alaska, a Far Away and Wild land, on board Amarok. Unforgettable Expeditions on a Human scale Sailboat.

Our sailing expeditions in Alaska

Original courses of 10 days on site, 15 departure dates, 8 different programs designed with passion and respect for the environment.

Prince William Sound

Sailing through Alaska's finest sea glaciers between the whale waltz and the crash of the seracs

The Kenai Peninsula

Cruise from Valdez to Kodiak dedicated to travelers loving pristine spaces and wild encounters

The Kodiak Archipelago

Experience a cruise following the footsteps of Kodiak bear and Katmai National Park

Crossing the Gulf of Alaska

Offshore sailing on the Arctic Circle, from Prince William Sound to Inside Passage

The Inside Passage

Inland sea passage connecting Canada to Alaska, bordered by a myriad of islands and fjords

Quelques glaçons pour un whisky

Amarok Soul

We offer our members, through our 6-people cruises around Alaska and Canada :

  • A geographical discovery,
  • The meeting of isolated peoples,
  • An immersion into wide and wild lands,
  • The respect of our environment.
  • Pole Air Expéditions ?
  • A sailboat
  • 15 departures per year
  • 10 days onboard
  • A life-changing experience

Will you be the last witnesses of these spectacular scenes?

According to National Geographic magazine, by 2036 Alaska's sea glaciers will have completely disappeared.

Join the adventure!